12:35 PM

It may sounds cheesy but, I do really like everything about you.
I like your hair. I like the way it smell.
I like your weird forehead.
I like your small ears.
I like your eyes, the way you stare.
I like your lips, for sure.
I like your beard and your growing mustache.
I like the way you talk.
I like the way you laugh.
I like your oily face.
I like the smell of your body.
I like your chest.
I like your muscles.
I like your belly. 
I like your waist.
I like your hairy foot.
I like a red scars on your right hand.
I like the way you touch your hair.
I like the way when you did not change your glasses until it brokes.
I like your dirty shoes.
I like your secrets.
I like watching your back when you ride the motorcycle.
I like the way you smoke.
I like the way you ride.
I like to share my foods with you.
I like you when you're happy.
I'm sorry for making you sad. I'm sorry if I ever told you that I don't like you anymore.
But in fact, I do really like you. 
If I can take back the time, I would like to share all of happiness with you.
I'm so sorry. 

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